Our theme for 2019 is “Rethinking Relationships“. These themes are meant to be broad and widely interpreted so this could apply to our relationships with the environment, technology, the constitution, industry, architecture, interpersonal, finance, animals, etc.  Your idea MUST have a connection to the theme.

We are accepting applications through the end of April. Before you submit your idea, follow Steps 1 and 2. It’s HIGHLY recommended that you follow these two steps before submitting your idea! The videos will help you better understand the nature and structure of a TED Talk. We look forward to reading your idea!

  • Step 1. Watch the following videos

    What makes a great TED Talk? | June Cohen

    Click This Link

    The secret structure of great talks | Nancy Duarte

    Click This Link

    TED’s secret to great public speaking | Chris Anderson

    Click This Link

  • Step 2. Write your idea down in one or two sentences

    Ask yourself three questions:
    • Is my idea new?
      Are you telling people something you’re pretty sure they have not heard before?

    • Is the idea interesting?
      Think about how your idea might apply to a room full of varied kinds of people. Who might be interested in it?

    • Is the idea factual and realistic?
      If you are presenting new research, make sure your idea is backed by data and peer reviewed. If you are presenting a call to action, make sure it can be executed by members of your audience.If you answered “no” to any of these questions, refine your idea. Ask someone you respect who doesn’t work in your field, and if they answer “no” to any of these questions, refine your idea. When you are ready to submit your idea, fill out the form below.

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