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Melissa Daimler

Culture is critical to attracting and engaging top talent, and I have dedicated my career to transforming cultures and aligning individual and organizational development. My mission is to design systems to help people improve at work and in the world.

I wrote “ReCulturing: Design Your Company Culture to Connect with Strategy and Purpose for Lasting Success,” published by McGraw-Hill in 2022 because most organizations’ efforts to build culture fail.
Leaders must connect organizational values to organizational behaviors, processes, and practices.
The book describes how to design and evolve organizational culture to achieve long-term business success by making clear to employees the why, what, and how they are working. My experience as a practitioner aligns with the research: focusing on these three areas leads to higher performance and engagement.

My skills in aligning culture and strategy, scaling organizational processes, and creating innovative solutions have made a measurable impact on employee engagement, performance, and organizational success at WeWork, Twitter, Adobe, and, currently, Udemy.

As Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and VP of Talent & Organizational Development at Udemy, I lead a team revolutionizing learning, talent, and organizational development for 1,500 employees. Our innovative strategies include creating blended learning experiences while experimenting with AI technologies to shape and strengthen those experiences. I also work with our Fortune 500 customers, providing thought leadership with other Heads of Learning, Talent, and Organizational Development.