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Jane Epstein


Jane Epstein is a Sibling Sexual Abuse (SSA) survivor. Now an advocate, she provides guidance and tools for prevention and victim recovery. Jane spent 40 years in a continual state of dissociation. She was in and out of therapy and, despite marrying and being blessed with two children, became depressed and suicidal. Sobriety and self-reflection led her to write her story. As she began writing, Jane discovered that hardly anyone on the entire Internet was speaking about sibling sexual abuse. And thus her advocacy was born.

Jane is a founding board member of Incest Aware, moderator of a survivor Facebook group, and has a memoir in progress. She shares her story publicly to give other survivors the courage to speak up, share their stories, and know they are not alone. Jane hopes to contribute her experiences and insights to bring awareness to sibling sexual abuse. In particular, she seeks to educate and empower parents on preventing SSA, and, in the process, help remove the fear of the unknown. Jane’s passion, work, and life mission are to bring awareness to this largely ignored segment of sexual abuse, and make body safety discussions between parents and children an everyday conversation.