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Dr. Bertrhude Albert

Dr. Bertrhude Albert is a proud Haitian-American. At the age of 8 she immigrated to the United States from Haiti with her family. Ten years after immigrating, Dr. Albert began her journey to becoming a University of Florida triple Gator. In 2012, Dr. Albert received her BA in English, in 2014 she received her MA in Latin American Studies, and in 2016 she completed her PhD in Agricultural Education and Communication. Throughout her academic journey, Bertrhude received several awards such as UF’s Hall of Fame, UF’s Teaching Assistant of the Year, the International Outreach Award, and more. Her greatest honor however, was co-founding P4H Global.

Dr. Albert currently serves as the CEO of P4H Global. She is committed to seeing Haiti rise to her full potential and destiny through sustainable development and human capacity.