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CeCe Espeut

CeCe Espeut is a Professional Protographer and Author & Advocate for the Civil Rights Restoration of Former Inmates. She has spent the past five years speaking in prisons and at drug rehab centers such as the Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center and House of Hope on clemency and recidivism. As a former inmate who was granted clemency in 2012 by Florida Governor Rick Scott and who is in the process of applying for a Presidential Pardon, she speaks from a place of intense passion and personal experience concerning these issues. Espeut’s life is centered on three core values: God, Family and Education. Her mission is to Serve, Support and Share. She is a former Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp and a passionate photographer with nearly 40 years of experience. She owns CeCe Espeut Photography & Video, a company, which she started as a result of difficulties she had when applying for jobs with a felony record.