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Event Details
The event will be held at the Mizner Amphitheater on January 29, 2022.


Submission End Date
Speaker submissions will end on July 31.
About Our Theme
Our theme for 2022 is “Defining Moments”. A defining moment is an event that you experience that fundamentally changes you or the trajectory of the future. It is a point in your life – or in history – when you were urged to make a pivotal decision, or a pivotal occurrence takes place. These moments define us and have a transformative effect on our perceptions, behaviors, and in some cases the trajectory of life as we know it. These are experiences that rise above the everyday norm and occur in the most unlikely of places.


Defining moments take on many different forms:
  • Positive or negative experiences that deliver a moment of realization or transformation.
  • Opportunities to be part of a defining moment in the life of another person.
  • Playing a pivotal role in helping a team, organization, company, the human race, etc.

Submission Process
Before you submit your idea in Step 3, closely follow Steps 1 and 2. If you do not follow steps 1 and 2, your submission will most likely not meet the guidelines, therefore we strongly suggest that you watch these short videos before submitting your idea. It will help you better understand the nature and structure of a TED Talk. When you submit your idea, it is recommended to submit a short video of yourself talking about your idea. Your idea MUST have a connection to the theme. We look forward to reading your submission!

Step 1. Watch the following videos.

Step 2. Write your idea down in one or two sentences. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this self-promotional?
  • Am I promoting a book, product or business?
  • Is there a political agenda?
  • Is there a religious agenda?
  • The research included as part of my talk is not peer reviewed, not factual or unrealistic?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, it is unlikely your idea will be chosen.

Step 3. Fill out the following fields. Any field with an * is required.

Tedx Boca Raton is no longer accepting submissions.